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What matters most to you? Why?

"What matters most is that we are operating a program that will provide the most lasting and positive impact on the children we serve to better our chances of creating responsible, healthy, and loving people for our society’s future."   COACH HALLE


As a mobile program, Halle McComb opened Flip! Gym in Charleston, SC in 2007. What was once known as Kidnastics in Black Mountain, NC, expanded throughout the Charleston area as Flip! for 13 years. We offered our program to preschools and well-established private schools, then moved into a fully equipped training gym with gymnastics and cheer, eventually adding ninja. Over the years, Flip! Gym opened a total of five locations from Charleston to Bluffton, SC. We trained thousands of low country children, garnering countless individual, team, and business awards. Flip! Was known for its unique culture and high-quality coaching.

Jenna Watson, Flip!’s first employee, launched an all-star cheer program called The Wolfpack. Halle and Jenna together grew this program as well as the competitive gymnastics program, The Gymdogs. Space became a challenge for both programs under one roof. So, Halle and Jenna decided to divide and conquer: Pack Athletics has continued in the original location in West Ashley under Jenna’s (now Jenna Hodsdon’s) successful ownership since June of 2019.

Flip! Life was exciting. Under McComb, the gym eventually introduced the sport of ninja to the low country. As Flip! grew and expanded their recreational and competitive gymnastics and ninja programs, they decided to open a new location in Bluffton. At the end of a ton of work and investment, in January of 2020, Flip! Gym Bluffton introduced a state-of-the-art new facility, housing both sports under one roof. Both Charleston and Bluffton were going strong, with hard working employees, athletes, and parents, all invested in the Flip! Culture.


Then Covid hit. The pandemic caused a quick and tragic halt to all Flip! operations. This brought major challenges with safety and financial viability due to the reality of Covid's effects on our communities and our business. We are proud of the award-winning programs that we offered the lowcountry for 13 years. We’re deeply thankful for everyone’s support.


We’re happy to announce that Flip! Gym has landed on its feet! We’re thrilled to return full circle to our roots by re-introducing our proven mobile gymnastics program infused with the skills and wisdom we gained during the last couple of years. And…enhancing the mobile program with the addition of ninja, we’re delighted to be serving communities in upstate South Carolina.

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Flip! Gym is a full scale mobile gymnastics and ninja program that gives children the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills and basics in the sports of gymnastics (Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, and Rings) and ninja (a sport involving ground and hanging obstacles with timed completion like American Ninja Warrior). The program has been designed by Halle and Ivy McComb, a mother/daughter duo, both past high level competitive gymnasts with years of experience and education in coaching and child development. This is a quality curriculum based program that fosters strength, flexibility, coordination, and tons of confidence! This gives children a strong foundation for any sport that they decide to go into as well as a jump start to a healthy lifestyle!

Flip! Gym Mobile Gymnastics and Ninja is brand new to this area but is a well established business in the Carolinas since 2007.  We have been based in Asheville, Charleston, and are now operating our programs in Clemson and Anderson, South Carolina! We provide experienced coaches, an array of quality mobile equipment, and an exceptional curriculum that is beneficial for all skill levels. Flip! Kids receive a fun weekly take home sheet with physical challenges as well as friendly activities that encourage kindness toward other people and our planet. 



"We LOVE Flip! Gym! Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about Coach Halle and Coach Ivy!  From day one, they were so friendly, professional, and made learning fun for our children! We find that they always take that "extra step" by taking the time with each child based on their skill level!"​

- School Directo​r​

"I just want to say thank you so much for everything you are doing. Jake absolutely LOVES every class. This morning he didn't want to get up and all I had to say was gymnastics is today and he was up in 2 seconds!"

-Flip! Parent

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